GRACO Lubrications

Working closely with qualified distributors, Graco offers systems, products and technology that set the quality standard in a wide range of fluid handling solutions. Graco provides equipment for spray finishing, protective coating, paint circulation, lubrication, and dispensing sealants and adhesives, along with power application equipment for the contractor industry.

Samson Lubricant

An extensive line of portable lubrication equipment for Automotive, Petroleum and Industrial use; control handles, oil drains, fluid dispensing systems, specialty units, extraction/evacuation units and dollies.

Energy Logic

Everything about our used oil storage tanks is designed specifically for used oil, which means they’re engineered to support waste oil heating. For example, our tanks are the only ones with fuel pick up six inches from the base. Because oil rises to the top, this guarantees that your fuel line will never pick up the wrong liquid (such as water or antifreeze). Also, the tanks’ low drains make it easy to eliminate naturally separated liquids. Our used oil storage tanks also include a low-fuel cut off the keeps the furnace from calling for fuel when the tank is empty. The result? Your furnace doesn't lose prime and you don't have to deal with the associated nuisances.